Products Joy for Dogs Recommends

Easy Walk HarnessIf you have a leash puller, this will cut down on her ability to pull by a lot. You still have to train the dog not to pull, but this will go a long way towards stopping pulling.Easy Walk harness
71TRdFPz2yL._SL1470_Here is another harness made to prevent pulling on leash. It can work better than the Easy-Walk for some dogs, and it fits slightly differently so if dogs dislike the Easy-Walk, because of chafing or restricted movement, this one is a good option.SENSE-ation Harness
Nature's MiracleUse this on accidents to remove the smell completely - typical household cleaners may not get the smell out but this will! Let it air dry - do not wipe up.Nature's Miracle
61H+0snUOyL._SL1024_710jRLtHsyL._SL1024_A great idea! So many dogs are nervous around other dogs, and owners don't have a way to tell other owners "Please don't let your dog meet my dog. My dog isn't friendly." These collars, leashes and harnesses have clear warnings written on them, to help other owners see that your dog needs space.Warning Harnesses, Leashes & Collars
91K+KSuI6BL._SL1500_A food that works great as treats. It is grain-free, dry so you can keep it in your pockets, an extra small size, and dogs love it!Ziwi Peak Food
61z7SsAlvIL._SL1000_This collar is great for dogs with anxiety. It emits a pheromone - the same one emitted by lactating mother dogs - that calms the dog wearing it and possibly other dogs nearby. It's pretty reasonably priced, so if you have an anxious dog and are at your wits' end, it's worth a try!Sentry Calming Collar
51oyQPoCoILDogs shouldn't be loose in the car! If you stop suddenly, your pup will fly through the windshield! Keep him safe with this harness, with a clip that clicks into the seat belt connector.Car Safety Harness
91EkJy+1rCL._SL1500_An extra-wide baby gate, helpful for containing puppies. Uses tension so it can be moved around easily and needs no screws to install. Folds up for travel.Baby Gate
Martingale CollarThis collar is useful for dogs who like to wriggle out of their collars. It has an extra loop that tightens so he can't get out of it. But it only tightens to a certain size, so it won't strangle him. It is intended only to prevent slipping out, and is not intended to be used for punishment or corrections-based training.Martingale-style collar
41KsDqdaB4LHere is a useful treat bag. Has a belt that fastens around your waist or clips onto a belt. Snaps shut with a magnet so dogs don't hear a crinkly bag opening. Easy to clean, and has extra pockets for phone, etc.Doggone Good Treat Bag
6173YA75v+L._SL1500_A great nail clipper. Super sharp, makes nail clipping quick and less traumatic.Nail Clipper

If you want something that works like Nature's Miracle times 5, this is it! This is powerful stuff. It removes smells and stains after one application that Nature's Miracle took 3-4 applications to remove. Beware, though: it has a POWERFUL industrial air freshener smell. The industrial smell does fade after 1-2 days, so if you can tolerate it for a little bit, this stuff is worth your money for what it can do.Liquid Alive
Bitter AppleSpray this on your items to keep your dog from chewing them! Bitter Apple spray