Group Classes

Is your puppy tearing up the house? Relieving himself on your rugs? Jumping all over guests? Then bring him to Puppy Kindergarten!

Puppy Kindergarten covers all the basics so your puppy will get off to a great start as a well-behaved member of your family.

  • Socialize with other pups
  • Learn how to manage digging, jumping up, counter-surfing and other behavior issues
  • Conquer puppy problems like housetraining, chewing and nipping
  • Teach your puppy commands including Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Leave It, Drop It, Wait to Eat and Wait at the Door

Group Classes are held at Best Friends Pet Care in Ashland, MA in the large air-conditioned room or outside in the fenced turf area. See the gallery for photos of class! Classes are limited to 6 dogs to ensure individual attention. Classes fill quickly, so call now to sign up!

Six weeks, $150.

Please email for more information.


Problem Solving

Sadly, many dogs are in shelters because of preventable, or solvable, behavior problems. Joy for Dogs hopes to reduce the numbers of dogs in shelters by helping them stay with their families in their “forever home”. Joy for Dogs will work with you to achieve your goals and eliminate those annoying behaviors so that you can develop the bond with your dog that you were meant to have and enjoy your best friend!

Solve such problems as:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Pulling on the Leash
  • Stealing Food from Counters
  • Nipping/Biting
  • Jumping up on People

Polish your Pup’s Manners, such as:

  • Polite Door Greetings
  • Staying Off Furniture
  • Walking Nicely on Leash
  • Housetraining
  • Eliminate Door Dashing
  • Knowing Her Name and Responding to You
  • Eliminate Begging from the Table

 Sessions are tailored to your needs and can also include any training cues such as: Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It, Drop It, Wait to Eat or Wait at the Door. Sessions take place in your home.

  • Single Visit: $95
  • $225/ 3-Lesson package
  • $295/ 4-lesson package
  • $395/ 6-Lesson package


Behavior Consulting

Joy for Dogs can help with more complex behavior issues, such as separation anxiety and leash reactivity towards other dogs. Please email for more information and pricing.


Private In-Home Training

Puppy Training (puppies 6 months and under):

Don’t wait until your puppy is six months old! The first few months are a critical development time for puppies and building a solid foundation during this time is the best way to prevent your puppy from learning bad habits!

$225/ 3-Lesson Puppy Start package*

The Puppy Start package includes a 1.5-hour initial information session, plus 2 one-hour training sessions. You’ll learn about your new family member and how to build a strong foundation of behaviors for the future. Learn how to properly socialize your new puppy and get tips on housetraining, exercise, bite inhibition and chewing. Your puppy will learn name recognition, coming when called, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, and door manners. This package is great for young puppies, and puppies who have recently joined their new family. Sessions take place in your home.

$395/ 6-Lesson Puppy Perfect package*

The Puppy Perfect Package includes a 1.5-hour initial information session, plus 5 one-hour training sessions.  You will learn everything you need to get your puppy off to a great start – socialization, exercise, dog body language and communication, and how to manage puppy issues including housetraining, nipping, chewing and jumping up. You will learn and perfect all the cues – name recognition, Sit, Stay, Watch Me, Down, Leave It, Drop It, Come, Loose-Leash Walking, Wait to Eat, Wait to Go Out and Door Manners. You will also get tips and help managing other issues such as digging,  counter-surfing and staying off furniture. This package is great for puppies who are a little older (but still under six months), or who have been with the new family for a while already. Sessions take place in your home.

*puppy lessons only offered as packages to ensure your puppy’s good start

Basic Training (dogs older than six months):

Teach your dog basic obedience cues and doggy manners. Perfect for dogs older than six months or who need additional practice. Your dog will learn: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Leave It, Drop It, Focus and Walking Nicely On-Leash. Also teach Basic Doggy Manners, including not Jumping, Door Dashing, Stealing Food from Counters, Begging from the Table, Digging or Destroying Property. Sessions take place in your home.

  • Single Visit: $95
  • $225/ 3-Lesson package
  • $295/ 4-lesson package
  • $350/ 5-lesson package
  • $395/ 6-Lesson package

Be A Tree Program

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar program for school age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog and strange dogs.

The program uses large format photos to teach the children about how to read dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. They learn how to use the tools they have in their head to keep themselves safe. The class also engages in interactive games and role playing to practice what they have learned.

  • Program lasts for 45 minutes (can be adapted to 30-60 minutes)
  • Lots of audience participation and physical activity – all kids participate regardless of the number
  • Lots of large size photos to illustrate dog body language
  • Maximum group size 100 students

Knowledge Empowers Children to Make Safe Choices Around Dogs

Joy for Dogs can do a Be a Tree presentation for your school, place of worship, organization or other group! Please email for more information and pricing.