Client PhotoTestimonial
IMG_3721crop-resize-shadowJudy L – Sunny and Shadow

We have 2 Lab-mix dogs of different ages and attitudes. Joy visited us and right away showed us how to prevent jumping up to greet everyone. She went with us on walks and showed us how to prevent pulling and how to deal with some other problem behaviors. We saw good improvement in just a few days. She is very knowledgeable, perceptive, and effective in training dogs and their families. We recommend her to anyone who wants to enjoy a well-behaved dog.
Josie1Chris W – Josie

Joy helped myself and Josie develop a strong trust for one another. Josie is very reactive and vocal towards other dogs while on leash. Joy helped Josie (and myself) learn how to tolerate other dogs on leashes when they walk by without causing a big scene like she originally did. Joy helped us with basic commands (sit, stay) and also educated me on walking with Josie off-leash on trails. Josie and I had a GREAT learning experience with Joy! I learned a lot and am now so much more comfortable with Josie! Thanks for your help Joy!!
IMG_2914Ellie and Ona B – Indy and Ezzy

Working with Joy was a pleasure. Her breadth of knowledge and clear explanations put puppy work in a clear perspective. She is thorough, very experienced and warm with the puppies. Time and effort well spent.
DSCN2126smallPat A – Sandy

Thank you, Joy, for your wonderful work with Sandy. She has calmed down considerably and responds well to the “gentle” and “wait” commands. The best thing, however, was teaching her not to pull on the leash. She had been pulling me for three years and I had about given up on seeing any improvement. She now walks nicely beside me and our walks are so much more enjoyable for both of us.
20150816_122056Evan E – Zuko

Our family of 5 got Zuko at the young age of 9 weeks. Since he was our first dog, we wanted to start training him as soon as possible. Joy was very accomodating and we scheduled his first training session pretty soon after speaking for the first time. Even though his breed (Shiba Inu) has a reputation for being hard to train, with Joy’s help it was pretty simple. We really like her approach, knowledge and advice. Whenever an issue came up she broke it down for us and came up with a solution. Even after the scheduled sessions were finished, she was very accessible whenever we had questions. We highly recommend Joy and would definitely work with her again if we get another dog.
murphy-at-beachJo B - Murphy

Our much loved Black Lab/Hound rescue, Murphy, at the age of four, developed some behavioral issues. I was referred to Joy Aldrich for help. Joy was wonderful with Murphy. Murph would try to pull the leash when I walked him, and Joy gave me some pointers on how to handle him. Murph also barked incessantly when Marty would take him to the park on the weekend for their hikes. With Joys help, our walks are much more pleasant, and his barking is under control. I would recommend Joy any time. Her patience and kindness with Murphy was wonderful, and we will forever be indebted to her.
winnieMarilyn M - Winnie

Joy was just that to work with. She is exceptionally kind and patient with both her canine and human charges. She worked with us even before we brought 8 week old Winnie home so we would know what to expect. Joy explains and demonstrates everything very clearly. We were able to understand Winnie's behavior and what we needed to do to train her to be a well behaved dog. Joy is very persistent in pursuing a solution that will work.
Joy's visits made the early, sleepless puppy days easier and more hopeful. We also enjoyed and found her puppy class very useful.
Mia - Joanie

Joanie and I thought Joy's puppy class was perfect. She wisely let everyone play first thing and never once was any dog frustrated or bossed or dominated. A very civil kind approach that only takes patience and consistency which Joy showed us each class. My favorite puppy class ever!
Sara - Shuun

Joy worked with our whole family to help Shuun adjust after a move, reduce her anxiety, and improve her behavior. She taught us some great ways to guide Shuun towards barking less and greeting visitors in a friendly, calm way, and now we're all happier because of it!
Jennifer B - Graham

Joy is fantastic. She truly cares about your pet and is highly sensitive to their and your needs. She is really knowledgeable, practical, and professional in her approach. Even though we have had prior dogs and consider ourselves great dog owners, we learned from Joy. She is very responsive with follow up questions and goes above and beyond. We so enjoyed working with her.